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Interior home. Interior how to please all members of family

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    Problem of personal space First of all it is necessary to divide all available inhabited space into zones by quantity of people living in it. Thus part of territory should remain necessarily general - not only for general using, but also for dialogue. In an ideal each member of family needs to have personal room, and to spouses - also a separate bedroom. It, alas, not always probably, therefore is frequent a premise of house shares other ways - screens, mobile partitions, podiums, illumination or visual zoning by means of color and invoice of materials. major principle thus should be one: each individual in house has a territory both for rest, and for work.

    Formally person as to a biological kind needs small enough space « for individual ability to live » - only 1,5 square meters. personal space for which anybody cannot cross without permission of owner, is a distance of extended hand around of our body. However for a real life our biological territory should be all same more.

    Distributing rooms in a new apartment, it is necessary to take care first of all of most young and about most senior generation. They, as anybody another, require a separate premise. mentality of children has not settled yet, mentality of "old men", on contrary, is loosened by age and illnesses, therefore for them opportunity both sound, and visual isolation is extremely important. If for children you should arrange general nursery, necessarily take care of its rigid enough zoning. Each of children within limits of one room should have cosy "bedroom" and "cabinet".

    If quantity of rooms, whenever possible do not use a drawing room as a matrimonial bedroom at night as it was accepted during Soviet times. That did not suffer personal, and main thing - sexual attitudes between spouses, for this purpose better not only to allocate a separate premise, but also in addition to take care of its sound insulation and about door lock. Your private life should be reliably from extraneous eyes - only then you can reach harmony in matrimonial attitudes. It is necessary to provide sound insulation and in rooms for teenagers where quite often hours loud music does not cease, and also in territory of senior generation which, on contrary, highly appreciates silence. For this purpose it is possible to use system of double doors from a file of a tree which perfectly absorb a sound. If rooms on all does not suffice, a good output - organization of universal secluded corners for rest on areas of general using (for example, an armchair with a coffee table and a floor lamp).

    Girls - on left, boys - to right

    Today psychologists advise to look narrowly at an ancient way of life when in house there were female and man's half: in it as they believe, there is a rational grain (by way, in Muslim world this principle is used till now). For anybody not a secret, that a female and man's brain are arranged differently - and it is reflected in predilections in an interior. Men love open space, large plastic forms, cold tone - it is required to them much more than personal space, than to a "weak" floor. Women, on contrary, gravitate to a cosiness, heat, adore textiles and natural materials - as though « twist a jack ». Their credo - to be protected, to have reliable rear, therefore world they preserve with greater eagerness, than men. Arranging an interior of house, it is necessary to consider these contrasts and to try to reconcile somehow them.

    Your type in design

    Inhabitants of one apartment differ not only on age and a floor, but also on individual mental properties of person. For many years of existence of psychology set of attempts has been undertaken to classify mankind to various attributes, last years these classifications have been successfully correlated and with types of design.

    So, it is found out, that most exacting type of person concerning sizes of personal space is melancholiac, hardly it is necessary for choleric person less, and most unpretentious in this question is counterbalanced phlegmatic person.

    According to other typology (Max Lucher) exist "multi-coloured" types of people, each of which has preferences in architecture and an interior. "Dark blue" type - person closed in who waits from a life first of all for security and personal safety. For it in an interior privacy and a cosiness - small room, alcoves, niches, low ceilings, Windows with frequent reliure, soft natural materials are important. "yellow" type is cheerful person similar to sun. It adores greater spaces - wide Windows without reliure, mirrors, glasses much and shine.

    People concern to "green" type strict, serious and anxious by status in a society. They love classics and order: high ceilings, high smart furniture, geometrical lattices on doors and Windows. From materials prefer a stone and metal. People of "red" type often aspire to original decisions. It they in houses have colonnades and galleries, it they order furniture fitted by skins of exotic animals, and they become owners lofts and penthouses. There is also one more traditional classification: "physics" and "lyrics". If first perceive world analytically and pay big attention to trifles second as natures creative, are not inclined to split up world for parts, therefore it are not so important all these design features - shades of color, a detail of a decor and other "nonsense". Look narrowly at itself and to house: who concerns to what type, and how it can be used at registration of an apartment?

    Color solves much
    Today each schoolboy knows, that by means of color it is possible to influence consciousness of person not worse hypnosis. In color preferences too there are gradation - both on age, and on a psychological warehouse.

    So, for example, a room of kid is useless to make out in pastel tones: perception of semitones and shades is formed at it only by 10-12 years. Therefore in a nursery it is better to use pure and clear colors. And here in a room for grandmother soft tone will be just to a place. They can be used for a drawing room where some generations usually gather: in particular, beige tone are considered optimum for smoothing conflict « fathers and children ».

    If to consider temperaments for quiet and counterbalanced types (the phlegmatic person, sanguine person) colors of bez-red scale, whereas for types with more mobile mentality (the choleric person, melancholiac) - cold colors and complex ornaments approach.

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