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    Wood fireplace designs

    Wood fireplace. Wood fireplace designs. Wood pellet fireplace inserts Furnaces in house. Design a laying of heating furnaces

    Furnace heating in house. A laying of furnace

    Heating furnaces work by a principle Fire - air heating of a firm working body (bricklaying) of certain form with subsequent accumulation in it(him) of heat. Heating of a working body may be made as from direct contact to a source of heat (open fire, electroheating device), and Hot air with help of cavities arranged in a bricklaying - courses. For more effective Allocation of heat and best air circulation of a furnace It is reveted tiled floorslabs - building ceramic material well conducting warmly. Such furnaces refer to as tiled.

    Efficiency Allocation of heat furnaces depends on quality of a brick, sizes furnaces, heights and areas of cross section of a chimney of furnace, area of its(her) external walls, and also from duration of preservation by her(it) of heat. Usually heating furnace arrange so that she(it) warmed at once some rooms. Designs and types of traditional furnaces are rather various, and their construction (a laying of furnace) demands skills, and at times and building art. sizes, forms, style of furnaces, forms and Color of tiles, arrangement of furnace in a premise(room) - all this in aggregate will give to an interior of a room certain style, and in some cases and a cosiness.

    Designs and forms of tiled furnaces besides stationary furnaces built in in walls, for heating premises(rooms) are used also mobile small-sized furnaces industrial Manufactures, working on different kinds of fuel (firm, liquid, gaseous) or electric power. A provisional design of one of such furnaces - " Without a pipe " a furnace working on gas.

    Under charge of thermal energy of furnace are rather economic, but are toilful in operation and borrow(occupy) a lot of place in a premise(room). furnaces working with use of open fire, need a good air flow in time furnaces, therefore they are desirable for placing in big premises(rooms) and is whenever possible closer to a door.

    Fireplaces. Design a laying of heating fireplaces Furnaces. Design a laying of heating furnaces

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