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  • petrochemical holding offers production : Chimie industrielle

    Chimie industrielle : Argon gaseous
    Argon gaseous , GOST 10157-79 , The content of basic substance, %: 99,9

    Chimie industrielle : Calcium carbide
    Calcium carbide , Calcium carbide is applied to obtain cyanamide from which fertilizers, cyanic compounds, melamine, isanidine are obtained. It is used to obtain carbide-carbamide regulator for plants growing, manufacturing powdery carbide reagent . Calcium carbide is used to obtain acetylene. On basis of acetylene synthesis of many important organic products is carried out: synthetic rubber, vinylchloride, acrylonitrile, ethylene, styrolene. Calcium carbide produced is packed into steel drums of net weight 120 kg. At our enterprise product has been produced since 1966. For period of operation production has been redesigned , equipment and monitoring methods have been improved. It have been proved for many years , that calcium carbide produced is best calcium carbide among CIS countries.

    Chimie industrielle : Calcium chloride
    Calcium chloride , GOST 450-77 content of basic substance, %: no less than 35,0

    Chimie industrielle : Calcium hypochlorite neutral
    Calcium hypochlorite neutral , Calcium hypochlorite neutral is a powder-like white color or weak-coloured product with a sharp odour of chlorine. Shipment is made in steel drums supplied with polyethylene bags - inserts. Calcium hypochlorite neutral it is applied to disinfecting potable water, for decontamination, for bleaching, for disinfection and disinfecting of sewage and other purposes. On calcium hypochlorite neutral there is a registration certificate of Ministry of Health, sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion, methodical instructions on application of a disinfectant. While in service technological process of calcium hypochlorite neutral manufacture has been reconstructed repeatedly that allows to keep up high quality of a product.

    Chimie industrielle : Calcium oxide hydrate ( lime)
    Calcium oxide hydrate ( lime) , TU 301-06-16-90 The content of basic substance, %: no less than 80,0

    Chimie industrielle : Chlorine liquid
    Chlorine liquid
    In cylinders GOST 6718-93 Content of basic substance, %: No less than 99,6
    In containers GOST 6718-93 Content of basic substance, %: No less than 99,6
    In tanks GOST 6718-93 Content of basic substance, %: No less than 99,6
    Chlorine liquid is intended for manufacture bleaching agents, salts, organic chlorine compounds, and also for clearing and sterilization potable water. It is widely applied to disinfecting waste and potable water, for manufacture medical products in farmaceutical industry. Chlorine liquid has sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion certificate. Transportation is carried out in railway tanks, special containers, cylinders. Currently manufacture reconstruction works are carried out. Product of high quality is in great demand.

    Chimie industrielle : Emulsive polyvinylchloride (PVC)
    Emulsive polyvinylchloride (PVC) :
    6250Zh GOST 14039-78
    6642Zh TU 6-02-69-89
    E 6602C GOST 14039-78
    6650 GOST 14039-78
    ND TO 2212-111-05742752-97
    It is a product of emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride . It is produced as a white color powder. High chemical inertness, ease of processing, good physical properties have ensured wide application of polyvinyl chloride in various areas of industry. Emulsive polyvinylchloride is intended for processing in Minplast separators by method of forming and coagulation, for processing in rigid products by methods of rolling, calendering and pressing, for processing in artificial leather. It is used for manufacturing various chemical equipment, for protection against action of moisture and corrosion of pipelines, in construction of roads, for manufacturing roofing and decorative - and- upholstery materials. Emulsive polyvinylchloride is packed into paper bags, specialized soft containers of 20-25 kg. Manufacture of emulsive polyvinylchloride was mastered in 1963. Repair and reconstruction of equipment have been carried out. In 1998 an import line of automatic packing has been assembled. PVC E-6642Zh is applied to obtain separators such as "Minplast" (in storage batteries), characterized by low electrical resistance, small diameter of pores and high volume porosity. PVC E-6250Zh is applied to processing in plasticized products (artificial leather, linoleum, films on paper and fabric basis) and manufacturing hard articles by methods of rolling, calendering and pressing.

    Chimie industrielle : Epichlorhydrine
    Epichlorhydrine - a liquid with sharp, unpleasant smell, chemically highly reactive compound. Epichlorhydrine is used for manufacture synthetic glycerine, epoxy resins, stabilizers for organic chlorine compounds, ionexchange resins in chemical , rubber-technical industry and other branches of industry. Transportation is carried out in special steel railway tanks, in steel welded thick-walled 275 dm ? barrels. As agreed with a consumer transportation in steel automobile tanks, and also by means of waggons in 200 l barrels is possible. Epichlorhydrine production was mastered in 1988. For period of operation technology has been improved, that allowed to obtain high quality product. The main consumers of epichlorhydrine - foreign partners.

    Chimie industrielle : Ethyl cellulose K-100, K-150
    Ethyl cellulose K-100, K-150 , Ethyl cellulose of marks K-100, K-150 is used for manufacturing models of exact moulding of metal forming fitting out of moulding and pressing compositions, protective insulating coverings and glues, for manufacturing varnishes and enamels in special branches.

    Chimie industrielle : Hydrochloric acid
    Hydrochloric acid , Synthetic hydrochloric acid is obtained through absorption by water of hydrogen chloride that formes via interaction of electrolytic chlorine with hydrogen. It is intended for application in chemical, medical, food industry, nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy. product is shipped in railway tanks, in 20-45 dm3 polyethylene barrels, in 20, 40 and 50 dm3 polyethylene canisters . Manufacture of synthetic hydrochloric acid was mastered in 1962. For period of operation repair was made, process equipment was improved. High quality of a raw material makes it possible to produce high-quality product. It is applied in manufacture of plastics, poisonous chemicals , semiproducts and dye-stuffs to clean surface of metals from oxides, carbonates, in electrotechnical, textile, food industry.

    Chimie industrielle : Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)
    Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)
    Marks ChDA GOST 10929-76 Content of basic substance, %:29-32,0
    Medical GOST 177-88 Content of basic substance, %: 30-40,0
    Special cleanliness (SCh) TU 6-02-570-75 Content of basic substance, %:30-35,0
    Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless transparent liquid with a weak original smell. Produces hydrogen peroxide both in small boxing (barrels, canisters), and in tanks. Due to high content of active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide can be applied as oxidizing, hydroxymethylating and epoxydizing agent in chemical manufactures, as effective bleaching agent for cotton, wool, textile, furs, paper, artifical and synthetic fibres. Derivatives of hydrogen are components of synthetic detergents. Unique properties of hydrogen peroxide allow to use it in cosmetics, electronic, food, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries. Production of hydrogen peroxide by electrochemical method has been mastered in 1956. The high technological level of manufacture including last achievements of science and technology, use of a pure raw material, steady improvement of equipment design of process and monitoring methods, allow to produce hydrogen peroxide of excellent quality, stable for a long time, with indices which surpass foreign analogues. Hydrogen peroxide medical has been certificated in system of GOST R, there is a registration certificate of Ministry of Health. The diploma of competition " 100 best goods of Russia - 99 " certifies conformity of hydrogen peroxide to Russian standards, confirms safety and high consumer properties. At request of customer hydrogen peroxide of high concentration and high cleanliness can be produced.

    Chimie industrielle : Methyl cellulose soluble in water (methyl ether of cellulose)
    Methyl cellulose soluble in water (methyl ether of cellulose) , It is a white fibrous material with different shades. Depending on required viscosity of water solution different marks of methyl cellulose have a bic connecting, emulsifing, dispersive, moistening anc adhesive ability. Methyl cellulose is stable to various chemical agents, features biological stability, is not toxic, and is physiologically inert. It is packed in paper bags of net weight 9-11 kgs. Methyl cellulose, soluble in water, used:
    as a stabilizer for polymerizing
    to obtain art paper
    to manufacture gypsum bandages
    for Pharmaceutical industry
    for food industry
    in petroleum industry
    to manufacture asbestos-cement extrusive articles
    to manufacture glue
    to manufacture painting compounds
    to manufacture glue putties
    Methyl cellulose as glue for wallpapers is packaged in 250 g polyethylene packets and in 9-11 kg paper bags. The production of methyl cellulose was mastered in 1969. The product has been given a hygienic valuing by State Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection.

    Chimie industrielle : Nitocell (powdery hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)
    Nitocell (powdery hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) , Production possesses high quality and is intended for use in manufacture of SSS, tile glue, various types of mixes - from paints to plasters. Packing: 25 kg bags with p/e inserts. Delivery is carried out in r/w containers from a warehouse in Irkutsk region or shipment at own expense from a warehouse .
    Mark: NITOCELL-15 (analogue to WALOCEL MKX 4000 PF01 viscosity up to 20000 P and BERMOCOLL CCA425 (AKZO NOBEL))
    Mark: NITOCELL-40 (analogue to MECELLOSE FMC 7117, 7150 (SAMSUNG) viscosity up to 40000 P and MECELLOSE FMC 22505 (SAMSUNG) viscosity up to 30000 P)
    Mark: NITOCELL-75 (analogue to WALOCEL MKX 70000 PF01)

    Chimie industrielle : Nitrogen gaseous
    Nitrogen gaseous , 1-st grade GOST 9293-74 Content of basic substance, %: no less than 99,987 Highest grade GOST 9293-74 Content of basic substance, %: no less than 99,993

    Chimie industrielle : Nitrogen liquid technical
    Nitrogen liquid technical , GOST 9293-74 The content of basic substance, %:no less than 99,6

    Chimie industrielle : Oxygen gaseous
    Oxygen gaseous , GOST 5583-78 The content of basic substance, %: 99,7

    Chimie industrielle : Oxygen liquid
    Oxygen liquid , GOST 6331-78 The content of basic substance, %: 99,7

    Chimie industrielle : Potassium metal technical
    Potassium metal technical , TU 6-01-18-90 The content of basic substance, %: no less than 98,0

    Chimie industrielle : Potassium superoxide
    Potassium superoxide , GOST 25669-83

    Chimie industrielle : Product B-2I
    Product B-2I , TU 2611-008-05807954-94

    Chimie industrielle : Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
    Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) , Sodium hydroxide is manufactured as a 46 % - solution. It is a colourless or coloured liquid. Shipment of sodium hydroxide is carried out in railway tanks. Sodium hydroxide is applied to clearing mineral oil, in a pulp and paper industry, in manufacture soap and artificial fibres, for manufacturing semiconductors, in nonferrous metallurgy and other branches of national economy. The product production has been mastered in 1970. While in service technological process of manufacture of sodium hydroxide has been undergone reconstructions repeatedly. technology of sodium hydroxide manufacture in firm form is worked out; it will allow to expand geography of its market . The most part of sodium hydroxide is used to prepare fabrics for bleaching, processing of paper mass and cellulose, and it is an initial raw material in soap -boiling.

    Chimie industrielle : Sodium metal
    Sodium metal , It is a metal of silver-white color. It is intended for chemical, chemico--pharmaceutical, power and other industries:
    Obtaining lead - sodium-potassium alloys,
    Obtaining metalloorganic compounds,
    Obtaining titanium,
    Synthesizing rubber following Lebedev technology,
    Obtaining potasssium and its alloys ,
    Obtaining pharmaceuticals ,
    Obtaining sodium peroxide,
    Obtaining sodium cyanide,
    Obtaining sodium hydrate,
    Manufacture defoliants.
    Shipment is made in steel zincified tight drums of net weight of 100 kg. On request of consumer small ingots of product are produced.. Manufacture of sodium metal technical was mastered in 1983. Steady improvement of technological process allows to produce high-quality product. For high quality metal sodium has received diploma and certificate in competition " 100 best goods of Russia " that confirms its high consumer properties.

    Chimie industrielle : Sodium peroxide technical
    Sodium peroxide technical , TU 6-16-124-93

    Chimie industrielle : Sodium superoxide
    Sodium superoxide , TU 6-16-21-90

    Chimie industrielle : Starting briquette (PB-5)
    Starting briquette (PB-5) , Product PB-5 (Starting briquette) manufactured is pressed from mixture, containing oxygen, on a basis of superoxides of alkaline metals and has a cylindrical form. The given product is intended for generation of oxygen, heat and a moisture during starting period of work of respiratory device. PB-5 is packed into cases. Shipment is made in containers. The starting briquette is applied in respiratory equipment used for an individual protection respiratory organs of a person.

    Chimie industrielle : catalyst on zinc chloride
    The catalyst on zinc chloride

    Chimie industrielle : Trichlorethylene technical
    Trichlorethylene technical
    1-st grade GOST 9976-94 Content of basic substance, %: no less than 98,5
    Highest grade GOST 9976-94 Content of basic substance, %: no less than 99,9
    Trichlorethylene technical - a colorless transparent flying liquid. It is intended for manufacture monochloroacetic acid, for extraction caprolactame, for dissolution of fats, oils, resins, at degreasing metal products, for dry cleaning fabrics and clothes. Shipment is made in railway tanks. Delivery in barrels, shipment in consumer?s tanks is possible. Manufacture of trichlorethylene was mastered in 1975, it has constant consumers, including foreign ones.

    Chimie industrielle : Wall-paper glue Effect C
    Wall-paper glue Effect C , TU 226213057684455 , Wall-paper glue Effect C is intended for glueing wall-paper on paper or fabric basis on plastered concrete, wooden and other surfaces; for pasting paper, cardboard, and also as additives in limy solutions, putties and plaster solutions. It consists of water-soluble methyl cellulose of certain marks. It is physiologically harmless. It is ecologically pure. Safety of wall-paper glue is confirmed in Test center of Gossanepidnadzor of Irkutsk region. Recommendations on application:
    1. Glueing wall-paper Before glueing of wall-paper a working surface should be to cleared from whitewashing, dust, dirties. Act further in accordance with instruction to wall-paper. The weight of dry wall-paper glue of 250 kg will provide glueing up to 50 m ? of wall-paper. weight of dry wall-paper glue of 9-11 kg will provide glueing up to 2000 m ? of wall-paper.
    2. Preparation putty, plaster and whitewashing solutions. When putty, plaster and whitewashing solutions are prepared wall-paper glue solution should be added in working components instead of a part of water ( to desired consistency). material will be stronger and convenient in treatment.
    Unliket glue on a starch basis it is not food for insects
    Does not leave spots
    Good solubility in water makes it possible free removal after wetting.
    Has big working life in comparison with other wall-paper glues.
    Use in wall-paper glueing machines is possible.

    Chimie industrielle : Ch-3, Ch-3
    Ch-3, Ch-3 , Products Ch-3, Ch-3 manufactured are a granular product in which composition there are potassium superoxide, calcium oxide. Products are made in two variants Ch-3 and Ch-3; they differ in fraction composition , strength, protective action period. Products Ch-3, Ch-3 are packed into metal, tight containers or 200 m3 cans . They are applied for air regeneration in mine insulating self-ignition devices and other respiratory devices of insulating type, intended for protection respiratory organs against any harmful impurities, as a component for oxygen formation. While in service technological process of regenerative products manufacture has been reconstructed; it allows to maintain high quality.


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