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Clinker bricks are partially vitrified brick stones used in construction of buildings

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    Clinker bricks are partially vitrified brick stones used in construction of buildings Clinker brick. Brick ceramic and Brick silicate

    Brick manufacturer

    On structure and a way of manufacture brick shares on two groups - ceramic and silicate. Ceramic brick receive by roasting Clay and their mixes.

    The silicate brick - consists approximately of 90 % of sand, 10 % to exhaust and a small share of additives. mix sends to an autoclave, instead of in furnace, as in case of with a ceramic brick. If to add pigments, it is possible to receive a silicate brick practically any color - dark blue, green, crimson, violet.

    On logic of an explanatory dictionary, brick is burnt clay. But then silicate (that is not clay) a brick - and not a brick at all, and a certain firm material similar to it under form. By way, indeed: on these two materials exist different, and builders very precisely spend between them border. Multi-coloured silicate bricks
    So, we shall consider basically a ceramic brick because it and is present brick (both under dictionary, and on STATE THAT). What brick - for what?

    To destination ceramic brick shares on ordinary (it building) and obverse (it facing, facing, finishing, front). private residence costs an oven brick. At left - an ordinary brick, on right - obverse The ordinary brick is used for internal numbers of a laying or for external numbers, but with subsequent plaster. ordinary brick can have on a lateral face pressed geometrical figure (for best coupling with a plaster solution). The obverse brick - homogeneous color, has two smooth, equal obverse surfaces . It, as a rule, hollow (that is in its "body" it is a lot of emptiness, that does a wall of such brick "more warmly").

    The impressive brick concerns to facing (with relief figure of an obverse surface) and shaped (or figured, profile) for a laying of complex forms also: arches, columns, etc.

    Impressive brick
    Shaped brick
    The oven brick happens different sizes . Sometimes it do with a relief. For parts of fireplaces use shamote a brick made of refractory clay and maintaining temperature above 1000. Shamote brick has yellow color and granular structure. Chamotni a brick
    So at purchase of a brick main thing nobility for what you, actually, buy it. Also do not mix! And that be flattered on "pretty" and lay out walls an obverse brick instead of private sol r. And then will count up charges and shed a few tears. Or, on contrary, want to save and will revet house with an ordinary brick. But then house will be looked not so beautifully.

    Appearance, The sizes
    At our brick "clever" sizes: 250 x 120 x 65 mm. It is convenient to builder to take its one hand. Two bricks keep within length on width, plus centimeter on a seam. But thickness can vary.

    Unary, one-and-a-half and double bricks
    And then bricks receive names: unary (thickness of 65 mm), or one-and-a-half (88 mm). brick of greater sizes of GOST defines as a stone ceramic. A standard stone ceramic, or a double brick (as its sellers often name) - 250 x 120 x 138 mm. one-and-a-half brick and stones considerably save charge of a solution and time of construction. Also do not think, that builders will take from you more money for a raising of weights. It it is better: has thrown ten stones - and wall is ready! Besides stones it is required less, and their cost does not increase. So, for example, double obverse brick is more dear than unary all half, and on size twice it is more.

    biggest ceramic stone lets out a factory "Knauf". In size it with 15 unary

    Color of a brick basically depends on structure of clay. majority Clay after roasting have classical brick color. Such clay refer to brick - red.
    Straw, apricot, red and brown bricks
    Less often meet white clay, from them yellow, apricot or white brick turns out. Sometimes into raw material enter various pigmentary additives. For example, brown brick can be received only by means of pigmentary additives. On STATE THAT brick on color should correspond to an approved sample approved by a factory. Often at factories there are some standards, and there is a danger to buy a "motley" party of a brick.

    "Warm" brick
    On presence of emptiness in a body brick obverse and ordinary shares on hollow and corpulent (stones ceramic happen only hollow). more emptiness (them can be more than 50 %), the brick is warmer.
    Corpulent brick
    It turns out, that at use of a hollow brick of a wall it is possible to make smaller thickness, and from it will not worsen. At a hollow brick weight and as a result - loading on base is less is less. It is its advantage. But there is also a complexity: at a laying of such brick of an aperture can be hammered by a solution, and it becomes "colder". That it to avoid, it is necessary to take a brick with emptiness of smaller diameter and more viscous solution.
    Hollow brick
    The brick can be made "warmer" due to internal porosity ceramic (that is material). Such brick name porize. By way, porize brick in comparison with usual muffles sounds is better.

    Porize a brick So, it is clear, that for economy of time and money it is better to buy not a usual brick, and one-and-a-half. And it is even better - a stone ceramic. And here color can be chosen to taste - it does not influence quality of a brick. If it would be desirable house become warmer (but not due to thickness of walls), it is necessary to take hollow or porize a brick. But then use more viscous solution that emptiness were not hammered.

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